What is the IPODE project?


Our Vision is to be a world leader in the provision of excellent, innovative, interprofessional psychosocial oncology education to enhance the capacity of health care professionals to provide person-centered cancer care.

We accomplish this by:

  1. Providing a sustained national network for the exchange of ideas among clinicians, education researchers and educators.
  2. Fostering excellence in interprofessional education using web-based platforms.
  3. Creating active learning communities grounded in social constructionism and interpretive pedagogies
  4. Creating education products that support translation of best evidence in psychosocial oncology, incorporating attention to new guidelines and standards as these emerge
  5. Creating university elective and continuing education courses.
  6. Fostering leadership among students.
  7. Advocating for funding support in order to reduce education cost barriers for health professionals.

The IPODE courses are offered as graduate level electives through partner universities and as continuing education (CE) options. Our courses combine independent learning activities with real-time, weekly seminars for small, interprofessional groups of learners. The courses provide participants with opportunities to examine theory, research and clinical practice in psychosocial oncology and to develop expertise in interprofessional collaboration for person-centered practice.